I began the Landform journey after revisiting my roots in the north east of England, where heavy industrial activity alongside scarred moorland & coastline offer up scenes of a particular dramatic beauty. Hiking in the area revived memories and provoked a desire to work with landscapes in a quest for a unique aesthetic. The Landform gallery collections are portraits of special places which have a profound relationship with man and or geological significance.
Ivan Jones

Ivan Jones is a photographer based in Brighton, England: Published within acclaimed titles BLUEPRINT, WIRE, SURFACE, ICON, LUOMO VOGUE, 125 and collaborates with leading design agencies & publishers whilst producing independent art projects. 

ARCHITECTS - now showing at the Jerwood Gallery  

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Selected galleries:
Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane
The House of St Barnabas, Soho Square
Chelsea Space, Pimlico
The Vegas Gallery, Redchurch Street
The Proud Gallery, The Strand
Kessels Kramer Gallery, Hoxton Square
The Horse Hospital, Camden